You might be wondering… is it even possible to have 11 healthy foods that will keep you full longer? 

Healthy foods might not be your thing. 

Healthy foods might even scare you because you’re so used to eating junk food which is what you “think” is good. Part of the problem with the stigma around healthy foods is that they are all greens and that they do not taste good.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: healthier foods can taste just as good as junk food, it’s just about picking out the right ones!

I’ll be the first one to say that certain foods that are “healthy” are not my thing. For instance, I hate tomatoes. Weird, I know, but I have a texture problem with them. I don’t force myself to eat them anymore, because I fill my body with other healthy foods.

Want to know another secret? Healthy foods keep you full longer.

Have you ever eaten a meal and almost immediately afterward have felt hungry? Or do you find yourself snacking throughout the day because you never seem to be full?

If so, you could be filling your body with the wrong foods!

This piece isn’t to encourage you to eat less or to go on a diet, but to be more purposeful in what you are eating. The following list are 11 types of foods, spices, or drinks that are naturally filling – and also healthy for you!

Here are 11 healthy foods that will keep you full longer and fulfilled throughout the day: 

1. Almonds 

They assist in helping with blood sugar control, as well as blood pressure levels. You do have to be careful when consuming almonds because more than a handful at a time can actually lead to weight gain. On a small scale, they are good for your health and suppress your appetite sufficiently, but if eaten in large quantities, one can forget how many they are eating, and actually gain weight.

2. Coffee

Is one of those drinks that often times gets a negative connotation for negative side effects, such as too much caffeine or causing one to be jittery. On one side, people can drink coffee in excess, causing one to become too reliant on the caffeine, but on the other hand, there are multiple health benefits that come with drinking coffee.

3. Cinnamon

This is one of my favorite ground spices. It not only suppresses hunger, but it adds a moderately spicy taste to just about anything. I add cinnamon to my drinks, such as coffee, and also my food, like chicken, fruits, and greens. Not only does cinnamon suppress your appetite, and add flavor to your food, but it also naturally lowers your blood sugar levels. Cinnamon also naturally increases your metabolism speed, aiding in weight loss, if that is your purpose.

4. Water

Surprise, surprise, there actually is a health benefit to water- aside from keeping us alive. Water is a natural suppressor, and also consists of exactly 0 calories. People oftentimes forget how much water their body needs in a day to properly function. I try to drink my body weight in ounces, which is around 130-140 ounces a day. It sounds like a lot but is an easy way to stay full and to give my body what it needs. Keeping extremely hydrated is also very good for your skin, keeping acne far away from your face.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Packed full of vitamin A and vitamin C, sweet potatoes are great for your health. They also contain a specific starch that resists certain digestive enzymes, which, in turn, keep you full and satisfied longer than other foods do. Whenever given the chance, one should try to choose sweet potatoes over regular potatoes; for more vitamins, and a fuller stomach.

6. Avocado

I am a little bias when it comes to this fruit, but it is my favorite. Avocados contain monounsaturated fat, which is a heart-healthy fat, aiding your heart functionality. They are also full of fiber and contain 20 vitamins and minerals.

They also contain even more potassium than bananas. These fruits are exceedingly tasty, yet oh-so-filling, often times making you forget they are simply a fruit!

7. Ginger

Along with cinnamon, ginger is one of my favorite spices to use. I buy ginger cloves whole and crush it myself. Ginger adds an intense taste to food, so you have to be careful when adding. Ginger not only suppresses the appetite but it can heal nausea and digestion problems. You can also add ginger to tea or coffee, for added health and taste benefits.

8. Dark Chocolate

This hidden gem is packed with antioxidants, and suppressing properties. Due to the antioxidants within, dark chocolate is also good for your heart. It contains healthy fats, opposed to junk food like chips, that contain unhealthy fats. I also try to stick to 75-85% cocoa, because it contains more of the enriching properties that are beneficial to your health.

9. Vegetable Juice

Juicing is one of my all-time favorite activities. Its an expensive hobby but it is worth it when you weigh out all the health benefits that come with it. Juicing vegetables will not only fill your stomach, but it will give you all the necessary vegetables needed for the day.

If you buy vegetable juice from the store, make sure to check the sodium levels, because often times store bought juice can contain way more sodium than your body needs and wants.

10. Umeboshi Plums

These gifts to mankind originated from Japan, where they are referred to as pickled plums. They are ironically more closely related to apricots but are sourer like a plum. Weirdly enough, this sour taste transfers over to fulfill your sweet cravings, not as much as a need for something sour.

These natural suppressors not only quench your sweet tooth but quench your appetite as well, hitting two bases at once.

11. Green Tea

Is a drink that aids the human body in many different aspects. It is also a caffeine alternative to coffee if you are not a fan of coffee. Green tea has catechins that stop glucose from moving into your fat cells, which in turn, slows the growth of such fat cells. It also keeps your blood sugar regulated, which also stabilizes your hunger.

Like I said in the beginning, I’m not suggesting that you stop eating when you’re hungry. When your body says your hungry chances are it’s because…wait for it…you’re hungry!

But what you could be doing wrong is filling your body with the wrong foods. These 11 healthy foods that will keep you full longer, instead of leaving you empty like so many popular snacks.

Substitute almonds when you have a craving for milk chocolate, have air-popped popcorn instead of chips when you want something salty. Make a protein smoothie packed with goodies like spinach and cacao instead of eating ice cream late at night.

Don’t restrict, just moderate.

Happy eating!

xx Lindsay

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