I’m in LOVE with Bluestone Lane and I don’t care who knows!!! (If you get the quote, let’s be friends).

In all seriousness, I am a huge fan of Bluestone Lane. I visited the cafe chain back in January right after it opened it’s first DC location.

If you are looking for a café with killer lattes, phenomenal gluten-free bread, and overall great vibes – this place is for you. My friends normally make fun of me for being such a tough critic, but I truly just appreciate good food, and this place kills the game!

Even with the gluten-free trend these days, it’s still difficult to find a café with gluten-free options. Luckily DC has a few, which is nice, but Bluestone Lane definitely has the best.

DC location

This cafe, which is based on Austrailian cafe culture, can be found in New York, as well as California. Now that I’ve moved back to Boston for a bit, I’m hoping they will pick Boston as their next location.


If you go to Bluestone Lane, whether in DC, LA, or NYC, the one item you must try is their wellness flight. It comes with a golden milk latte, a matcha latte, and a beetroot latte. They are all terrific, the matcha being my personal favorite.

wellness flights

The first time I went to the DC location, I was with my friend, Bella, and her favorite was the beetroot. Another time I went with my friend Hannah, who preferred the golden milk latte the most. Clearly, all the lattes are great, but your favorite will be based on preference.

Lucky for you, you can try them all for only $10! Word of advice: If you are a friend just split the wellness flight. It’s a lot of liquid for one person, but the perfect amount for two.

coffee + toast, berries, and ricotta + wellness flights

I try to limit myself when it comes to coffee because the acidity can hurt my stomach, but if you can drink coffee fine then you must try out one of their artisan coffee drinks.

My favorite is their cappuccino. The espresso is perfect, and they always top it off with the cutest little heart.

cappuccino at their DC location


I’ve tried a good amount of food items on their menu as well. My favorite, as I mentioned earlier, is their gluten-free toast options!

I pretty much can’t stop raving about their gluten-free golden bread. My favorite is the option that comes with ricotta and a raspberry spread. SO. GOOD.

My friend Hannah had the porridge one time and LOVED it. It was the perfect mixture of tastes, and definitely is something I will get in the future. My sister’s favorite is toast with scrambled eggs and avocado. This has to be specially requested, as it is not on the menu.

toast with eggs and avocado (at my sisters request, not on the menu) at their dc location

They also have a variety of pastries you can choose from at various locations, my favorite being the one in Georgetown, DC.

bakery items at their georgetown, dc location

If you are extra brave, try out their vegemite toast. I’m not a fan of the Aussie spread, but maybe you will love it!

Not only is this cafe beautifully decorated, and staffed by real Australians (they will call you babe) but it also has great overall vibes.

I’ve spent days reading in Bluestone Lane, and others socializing with a group of people.

DC location ft iced matcha latte

The one thing you should know before visiting the Aussie themed shop is how expensive it is. You will probably pay around $20 for a meal and a drink, so know that before going in!

I’ll leave you with a tip: Download the Bluestone Lane app before you go and you will get $5 off your first order — that will make it a little less expensive 🙂

They have locations in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, DC, and California. Let me know if you visit and what you think!

georgetown, DC location

iced latte at the georgetown, dc location

Dumbo, New York location

Let me know if you pay it a visit, and if my review was true to its words!

xx Lindsay

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