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Do you struggle with digestive health issues? If so, you’ve probably tried every supplement in the book. I know I did when I was trying to heal my stomach.

Aside from discovering the power of herbs, I also learned about two very powerful relationships with the stomach – the mind and your hormones. I wrote a post on this a bit ago if you want to check it out here, Hormones And Gut Health: The Relationship That You Should Know About.

Herbs for Improving Digestion

The gut seems to finally be getting the recognition it deserves. Coined the “second brain” the gut regulates a plethora of different bodily functions. It has an impact on everything from your depression to your ability to metabolize food properly. 

There are dozens and dozens of herbs that can help improve digestion, balance out your gut health, and in the same way lead to an improvement in other things like hormone regulation, mental health, etc. 

For me, I personally found nettle, ginger, oatstraw, fennel, and a few others to be most helpful, and the ones I actually formulated into a bend for Symbi. 

That said, don’t restrict yourself to only looking into these herbs. There are many more out there that you can find. A good place to get started would be checking out one of the books I listed in one of my recent posts “8 Books On Herbal Medicine To Get You Started On Your Healing Journey.”

Anyways, here are 6 of the herbs that I use when it comes to improving digestion ↓↓↓

herbs for digestion


Nettle is an anti-inflammatory herb and can offer relief in multiple areas. Inflammation can directly affect digestion and can cause a variety of complications throughout your body. Therefore when nettle is consumed consistently it regulates your digestive system. Nettle is most well known for preventing both constipation and diarrhea.  

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Ginger has many uses in the kitchen and by adding it to your diet you are giving your digestion some extra help. The digestive powers of ginger are no discovery, it’s use can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Not only does ginger improve digestion it also works wonders as an anti-inflammatory. So add a little more spice to your meals or brew it into a warm tea and enjoy this natural remedy.

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Let’s travel back to the medieval period and look at what they used to help digestion. One of the most popular remedies of this period was oat straw. Oat straw vitalizes the liver which directly, in turn, improves digestion. Oat straw is most commonly consumed by drinking tea, so try a cup and give your digestive system a boost. 

Consuming oat straw also helps with reducing anxiety as a bonus!

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🌿Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is one of the less harsh and perhaps less powerful herbs when it comes to your digestive system. Dandelion root has been effective in soothing small digestive issues. Due to this herb’s history, many people have come to rely on the dandelion root to help move along constipation. Next time your stomach feels a little off, sip on some dandelion root tea and see how it benefits you. 

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🌿Slippery Elm Bark 

Slippery elm bark will be your mucous membranes’ biggest help. In our bodies, we have mucous membranes and it acts as internal skin and protects certain parts of the body. Slippery elm bark can protect these membranes and prevent irritation caused by certain foods that can be hard to digest such as milk. 

Take caution when consuming slippery elm bark because it can cause congestion. Try pairing it with a couple of teaspoons of spices like ginger, cinnamon, or cloves for the best results. 

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Fennel is another one of these herbal remedies that have been around for a while. Fennel has the power to offer relief and keep things moving right through your digestive tract. Sometimes something just did not flow right and you have to take a laxative, in this case, fennel can be used as a soothing solution, post-laxative. 

Do you even feel a little off after indulging in a greasy meal? Next time try some fennel tea and help your body process it a little bit easier (your body will thank you). 

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