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Do you struggle with anxiety? If you do, know you’re not alone. Many people struggle with anxiety, and many don’t know how to manage it. Which is also understandable!

Growing up, I battled anxiety for as long as I can recall. From intrusive thoughts, to OCD to pure panic, I experienced the ups and downs of anxiety year after year.

I was diagnosed pretty early on with generalized anxiety disorder, along with OCD, and later as an adult told that I had high-function anxiety. Which was the cause of many of my health battles. I would ride the lows of the anxiety boughts and then benefit of the highs that would follow.

It was unhealthy and unsustainable.

It wasn’t until I graduated college at 21 when I realized what I needed to do.

I needed to get this sh*t under control and not with medicine.

I’ve always been an all or nothing type of person, so I immediately ceased all medication. I ordered four books on herbal medicine online and jumped into the research side of things.

I quickly realized that even if I couldn’t compeltely erradicate my anxiety, I could definitely ease my symtpoms through prevenative measures.

And thus began my experimentation with herbs.

Herbs for Anxiety That Naturally Decrease Stress

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herbal tea

There are dozens and dozens of herbs that can help elevate stress and depending on your specific biological makeup some might suit you better than others. And that’s ok!

For me, I personally found kava kava, chamomile, valerian root, and a few others to be most helpful, and the ones I actually formulated into a bend for Symbi. That said, don’t restrict yourself to only looking into these herbs.

There are many more out there that you can find. A good place to get started would be checking out one of the books I listed in one of my recent posts “8 Books On Herbal Medicine To Get You Started On Your Healing Journey.”

Anyways, here are 7 of the herbs that I use when it comes to lessening the symptoms of anxiety ↓↓↓

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Not only does chamomile taste good and naturally relax your body, but studies show that it can lessen anxiety as well as depression. Like many herbs, there is a greater connection between long-term use and the benefits that come with the plant.

In a 2016 study, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine conducted a study on the long-term use of chamomile and its impacts on anxiety. From 2010 to 2015 these researchers studied 93 anxiety patients. In this group, 46 were given chamomile and 47 were given a placebo. Ultimately the chamomile group had 40% fewer anxiety relapses. It’s also important to note that anxiety relapses occurred every 6.3 weeks for the placebo group and 11.4 weeks for the chamomile group.

This is why I suggest drinking anxi-TEA every day. The long term benefits are amazing.

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🌿Valerian Root

I once referred to valerian root as the herbal Xanax and it made my doctor laugh so that was good. But honestly – it really is. I have been taking valerian root for both sleep and anxiety for years and recommend it for both.

According to Mental Health Daily, “Valerian likely induces an anxiolytic effect via binding to a subtype of GABA receptors known as ‘GABAA’ receptors.” In easy to understand language, studies have shown that Valerian root can work to increase GABA levels throughout the brain, which alone can mitigate anxiety.

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Ashwagandha is one of the most “mainstream” herbs and for good reason. It’s an excellent defense against both anxiety and stress.

One research study reported that the herb regulated chemical signaling in the nervous system by actually blocking the stress pathway in rat brains. Many controlled human studies have also shown that it reduces stress and anxiety symptoms.

In one CRAZY 60-day study, 64 people who were diagnosed with chronic stress were observed. One group supplemented with ashwagandha, the other given a placebo. The group that took the ashwagandha saw a 69% reduction in both anxiety and insomnia, with only 11% in the placebo group.

Not only is ashwagandha good for anxiety, but it is also helpful in decreasing cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

According to Healthline: “In one study in chronically stressed adults, those who supplemented with ashwagandha had significantly greater reductions in cortisol, compared with the control group. Those taking the highest dose experienced a 30% reduction, on average.”

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🌿Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is one of my newer herbs that I use. You have to be careful when taking lemon balm because it can go from being anxiolytic to sedative very quickly. The recommended dose for calming effect is 300 – 600 milligrams. Some studies on the herb have shown similar effects to Valerian root, with an increase in GABA in the brain.

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🌿 Kava Kava

Kava causes dopamine levels in your body to rise which can help you feel more calm or even happy. A high enough dose can even help people sleep better if your anxiety is the cause of your insomnia. Unfortunately, there are very few studies on kava kava making it less well-known and studied than other herbs like Chamomile or Valerian root.

I purchase kava kava here. I also sometimes use it in tincture form, which you can view here.

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Oatstraw is a powerful herb that has been used since medieval times to help with a variety things like concentration, type 2 diabetes, brain health, and anxiety.

Back in 1987, the German Commission E called oat straw a “nervine herb.” The Free Medical Dictionary by Farlex defines this as “A medicinal preparation, usually of herbal origin, which, is said to act on the nervous system, reduce anxiety and tension(nervine relaxant), and stimulate or strengthen neural function.”

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I hope this post was helpful and helped introduce you to the benefits of herbal remedies for anxiety. If you aren’t already on the waitlist for Drink Symbi, my herbal tea brand, please join it here, or follow on Instagram

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