Over the past couple of years, everyone has become increasingly more aware of how important a holistic lifestyle is. From a growing baby to an elderly adult, it’s important for everyone to be involved and informed with how their body functions.

It’s also incredibly important to be knowledgeable about different things that can help you live your healthiest life. One thing that has become increasingly popular is the use of Adaptogens.

They are a complicated subject, so I figured it would be easier if I just broke it down for you!

What Are Adaptogens?

For those of you that haven’t hopped on the adaptogen train yet, adaptogens are healing plants. They can come in the form of substance, compound, or herbs, and they essentially stabilize (aka adapt) your body to adjust to the different factors around you. They are most frequently used to address stress and decrease stressors on the body.

What Do Adaptogens Do?

Growing up I wish I had known more about how powerful adaptogens can be for one’s health. I only started taking adaptogens over a year ago and didn’t take them regularly, and more sporadically, which eliminated their powerful effect.

Six months ago I became more educated on adaptogens and how to properly take them, and it’s changed my life. One thing I don’t think people are too aware of is how detrimental stress is to our bodies.

Growing up, I had no idea. My type-A personality just thought it was bad for my mental health, totally unaware the havoc it was wreaking on my body, especially my adrenal glands. Years later, when I finally figured it out, I started to change my lifestyle hugely. But, with the added adaptogens, I’ve improved even better.

These have helped turned me from a type-A stress ball to a (moderately) relaxed person.

How Do You Use Them?

A common misconception about adaptogens is that they are difficult to incorporate into your eating habits. It’s actually the exact OPPOSITE. Part of the reason I love them so much is that they’re so easy to add to just about anything.

I mainly add them to drinks, but will sometimes add them to food as well.

My routine with adaptogens is the same most days. Following my time at the gym in the morning (which I take SilverFern Endurance Energy before), I make a smoothie right when I get home from the gym in the morning, and I add all of my supplements, including adaptogens into it.

I add some collagen peptides, (shoutout Vital Proteins), coral legend powder, and then my favorite adaptogens.

I recently started using the new Yin powder from Sun Potion, and in order to see if there was truly a difference, stopped taking all my other normal adaptogens. I would say this is a good rule of thumb with most things health related.

All too often people just throw a multitude of supplements into their diet without knowing what works, and what could potentially be harmful or unfitting for their bodies. If you choose to add adaptogens to your diet, make sure to do it one at a time!

iced latte with added Yin powder

Which Adaptogens Should You Take?


My personal favorite, and the most widely used! It works wonders as it strengthens the immune system while strengthening all forms of stamina. It is a hormonal balancer that is good for both males and females. It’s an all-around de-stresser, something that I totally need in my life. Warning to females: It also increases fertility, so be forwarned.

How I like it? Add ½ teaspoon to my morning matcha, or sometimes I’ll throw it in a smoothie.


This one is so good for your skin! As someone who has always struggled with either having too dry or too oily of skin, this has been a lifesaver. Not only does it help with balancing out your skin health, but it also increases your metabolism.

How I like it? I add ½ teaspoon to my morning matcha. (are you sensing a theme, yet?)


To be completely transparent with you – I don’t like mushrooms. I feel like I should at this time in life, but I still don’t. That said, I may not eat them whole, but I get my fill from adaptogens. As someone who has struggled with autoimmune deficiencies, my liver is always being compromised. This adaptogen helps with liver and kidney function, as well as increasing your athletic performance, what a random but great mix!

How I like it? Add ½ teaspoon to my morning matcha.


This is another mushroom, that is high in B-vitamins, which are so necessary for females. Not only does this give you a rich source of B-vitamin, but it is also a rich source of zinc, which is good for cell growth!

How I like it? This one takes more effort than the others. For best use, simmer Chaga at a low temp for around 6 hours. Then enjoy! When I don’t have 6 hours to spare, I just add 1 teaspoon to my morning matcha.


Another fun one to say! I like to call this one my beauty enhancer. It’s good for anti-aging while nourishing your nervous system, blood, skin, and hair. It also aids your endocrine glands, and as someone who constantly is fighting immune issues, this is awesome. It has truly helped me to be more awake and has given me more energy.

How I like it? Add ½ teaspoon to my morning matcha. You can also eat this plain!


An anti-inflammatory saver! From the time I was eight, I’ve tested positive for increased inflammation. That said, I have been working on getting those levels to normality for years. This adaptogen helps incredibly with it, as well as assisting your entire immune system in general.

How I like it? Add ½ teaspoon to my morning matcha.


This has been a hormonal lifesaver for me. I have had issues with my hormones ever since I was a young teenager who was hopped up on birth control. The doctors thought that would help regulate the issues I was having with my menstrual cycle when in reality, they were hurting things worse. Pine pollen is an awesome aid in hormonal health and naturally assists your body in regulating to your needs. It’s especially good for you if you have low testosterone levels (aka me!).

How I like it? ¼ teaspoon in my morning matcha – what a surprise!


I can’t rave about reishi enough. It’s everything your body needs to balance itself out. Remember you need to take this regularly to get the full effect. This mushroom helps to build your immune system while aiding your cardiovascular health. I also love it because it helps balance your cortisol levels – aka stress levels.

How I like it? Add ½ teaspoon to my morning matcha. Sometimes I also add it to my soups.


I like to call this Adderall minus the Adderall. It actually improves how your body absorbs oxygen, which in turn, stimulates your brain. It’s a good one to take when you need to get things done, and want some extra assistance in mental clarity or creativity.

How I like it? I usually take this one by itself, ½ teaspoon added to tea before I go to work.


The antioxidant adaptogen! It’s packed full of vitamin C, thus providing your body with a gentle internal cleansing. Because of the cleansing effect, It can also be helpful for weight loss and stabilize your body.

How I like it? Add ½ teaspoon to my fat balls.


This is what I like to call the girl power powder. It comes from Sun Potion and is a mixture of a bunch of adaptogens (reishi, he shou wu, pearl, tocos, ashwagandha, pine pollen, astragalus) It helps with your immune system while balancing your hormones, emotions, and libido.

How I like it? Just add 1 tsp to my mid-morning tea.

Well, you might have noticed a trend with how I take the adaptogens. I tend to mix them all in with my matcha every morning. I don’t put them all in, as sometimes I add them to my soups or my snacks, but some are regulars in my diets. It’s important to take them routinely to get the full effect of their magic powers. These babies have been killer in aiding with my hormonal imbalance and immunity issues that have caused incredible inflammation in my body.

About six months ago I started using the Yin powder, which is the mixture of reishi, he shou wu, pearl, tocos, ashwagandha, pine pollen, astragalus.

I can say that it has helped me lower my cortisol levels as well as aid in lowering my inflammation.

I hope this post helped you understand nootropics a little bit better. As always, reach out with any questions, comments, etc. You can send me an email here or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

xx Lindsay

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