The One Ingredient That Adds Major Froth To My Lattes + Cappuccinos

One of the most frequently asked questions I get on Instagram is: how do you get froth for your lattes and cappuccinos when you use nut milk?

Trying to simulate cafe-latte worthy froth took me a little bit to figure out. When I switched to using nut milk a few years back, I found it so hard to get a similar froth that I was used to with cows milk.

I quickly realized that the solution was not in the nut milk itself, but in another ingredient, I could add.

Enter, collagen peptides.

I have incorporated collagen peptides into my diet for the past couple of years. I discovered it when I was in college and having issues with losing my hair. I remember stumbling upon it on Google and thinking, “well it won’t hurt to try,” and I’m glad I did.

If you’re asking what is collagen — it is essentially what holds your body together! It’s the fiber in connective tissue that holds everything in place. It’s kind of like cement, except it helps you move, not stay in place -ha!

Collagen is something that is produced by special skin cells we have that produce small molecules using vitamin C and protein that it gets through our diets. These molecules are called procollagen and after they are made, latch onto other ones forming fibrils.

As we get older our bodies makes less and less collagen, which is why it can be important to supplement with.

Collagen helps our bodies by supporting our hair, skin, and nail growth as well as increasing our joint and bone strength. Because collagen supports these things it creates a healthier inflammatory response when you exercise.

This in turn also aids your guilt health which affects a crazy amount of things, one including your quality of sleep.

Even though I add collagen to my smoothies and coffees, you can also add it to food if you’re not into those drinks. I love making energy bites, and keeping them in my freezer. Adding collagen also makes them a great pre-workout food choice for me.

You can’t taste it and it is also a great way to sneak it into the diets of the ones you love that might be too stubborn to take it. ~ not endorsing this ~

That said, it’s what makes my coffees so frothy and dreamy looking. Give it a try next time you make your coffee!

Here are a few of my favorite at-home coffee recipes:

Do you add collagen peptides to your coffee?

xx Linds

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